Sports Terrains

Trim trail

If you are a fan of running, or you organize team preparations in our city, and you want to include running in the training process, the ideal conditions are provided by the Trim track. It is located in the city park called "Goranski Park", located on the stretch between the promenade on the Tisza valley, the sports center "Đorđe Predin Badža" and Miloš Crnjanski Street.

The trim track was made in April 2017, thanks to the initiative of the Office for Youth of the Municipality of Becej in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports and Youth. The length of the trail is 483 meters and its width is 1.6 meters. The surface of the trim track is mulch, so running on it is safe and the risk of loading the joints is minimized. For the most part, the trail goes through the forest so that the runner is protected from the sun in the summer months, and from the wind in the winter months.

Tennis courts

Tennis courts of the sports center "Đorđe Predin Badža" are located in the immediate vicinity of the sports center, towards the Tisza and Goranski Park. There are three pitches, and the base is slag. Every year, they start working in the spring months, as soon as the weather allows the preparation of the field, and they end the season in the autumn months, also guided by the weather conditions. If you want to make an appointment, you can do it in the sports center.

Basketball courts

In addition to three tennis courts, there are also two basketball courts. One is covered with a rubber base and the other with asphalt. Both pitches are free to use.

Outdoor soccer fields

At the same location, in addition to tennis and basketball courts, there is also a five-a-side football field covered with artificial grass. To the delight of many young people from Becej, its use is free.

Another football field with a rubber surface is located in Zmaj Jovina Street. It was reconstructed in 2019.

Football stadium

The football stadium in Becej is located near the river Tisa. In 2019, its stands were renovated, and in 2020, a new artificial field was made next to the grass field.