City Center

Center of Bečej and sights

Read about the city center, sights and interesting locations you can visit.

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Sports Center

Đorđe Predin Badža

Swimming pools, sports hall, gyms and much more within our sports complex.

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Open Pool

Summer oasis in Becej

Meet the favorite place of recreationists and athletes in the warm summer months.

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Fantast Castle

Endowment of Bogdan Dunđerski

Deep in the Vojvodina plain, 14 km from Becej, a white fairytale castle rises.

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River Tisa

Coast, river life and flora and fauna

Find out why the people of Becej adore their river, and what "flowering of the Tisa" means.

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Sports Terrains

Sports activities within the city of Bečej

Find out about the range of sports terrains and running tracks in our city.

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